Box #1: Large Beef Pack-Option 1
Specialty meat box containing:

  • 2 Ribeye: Beautifully marbled steak ideal for hot fast cooking. Package is approximately 1¼ lbs.
  • 1 Carne Asada: Thinly sliced skirt steak. Package is approximately 1-1¼ lbs.
  • 2 Ground Beef: The very best ground beef, for moist, juicy family meals. Package is approximately 1.1 lbs.
  • 2 Beef Sausages: Each package contains four links and is approximately 1 lb. Possible options: Bacon Date, Chorizo, Bratwurst (contains gluten, dairy and egg please let us know if you have an allergy), Linguica, French Provence, Ginger Garlic, Mild Italian.
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